I'm graduated in Mechanical Engineering, in my time in college I learned to program fast algorithms while maintaining a clean code. I'm a professional programmer since 2008. In this time I've worked with a lot of interesting topics: 3D CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Linear System Solvers, 3D Visualization Softwares, Rendering Engine, Physics Engine, and Game Engine. I've been working in my own game engine since 2011. I work specifically with Game Programming since 2011.


I'm also a game designer, I love designing game elements, game systems, and have them all play well together. My experience in Game Design comes from studying game design theory and articles since 2012 and from my extented period GMing D&D games. I've GM'd multiple campaigns since I was a teenager and the thing I love the most about GMing is that I get to express my creative side and exercise game design every week.


In 2011 two friends and I started a game company called 9heads Game Studios. We worked together for 6 years and developed 2 full games - Vitrum and Damned - and a good part of a third one - Sunset Rangers. I'm now out of the company, I took Sunset Rangers with me and I'm the sole responsible for its development going forward.



Sunset Rangers is the game I'm working on at the moment. It started as a 9heads Game Studios project, but now it's my personal project. It's a Western Sandbox in a open world, full of fun stuff: random weapons, questslines, base building, survival elements. It uses the latest versions of Ogre3D and my game engine, which means it has a fast and modern rendering engine and a mature game engine.
Sunset Rangers is a challenge, it has lots of requisites: Fast, stable and reliable networking system; Fast and flexible entity system; Complex animation system, and the list goes on.
But I love challenges, and I'm having a blast developing it.

DAMNED (2014)

Damned is a randomized assymetrical online horror game. Each session is composed by up to 5 players, one is the monster trying to scare and kill the rest, and the others are trying to survive and escape the haunted place. I've programmed it from scratch and I was the Lead Programmer for its entire dev cycle. It was very fun developing Damned, it's main challenge was making the networking system mature enough.
Damned is a property of 9heads Game Studios.

VITRUM (2012)

Vitrum was the first game project I worked on. Its a single player 3D puzzler. The premise is that you are an android which has the ability to absorb power from different colored crystals - each color is a different power - and then use those powers to pass each stage. It's challenging and fun and it was a good project to prepare the game engine for Damned dev cycle.
Vitrum is a property of 9heads Game Studios.